What is Sintrom, how to take it and what are the side effects

Circulatory problems are very frequent. Men and women can suffer them and, although there is no sex or age to begin to notice the symptoms, women and, above all, as they reach their birthday, are prone to suffer from poor circulation . Fortunately, today there are medicines, like the Sintrom that we can take to counteract the problem.

The Sintrom is the drug par excellence today, and it has years of endorsement behind it as one of the most effective drugs to avoid the formation of clots and fluidize the blood. You will know that if the blood is very thick it can form clots that clog the blood vessels and cause a collapse.

Many patients with risk of embolism or thrombosis , or who have already suffered of these disorders use Sintrom as a primary medication since it prevents thrombosis or embolism from happening again for the second time with the risk that this entails for your health.


In any case, the Sintrom must be our doctor who, according to the blood values ​​, determine what dose of Sintrom we will be taking. For this reason, it is necessary to undergo a periodically rigorous control and not rely on the doses, as they will not always be the same and may vary according to the needs of each moment.

The Sintrom has many side effects , so never take it without medical supervision.

Next, we will teach you everything about what Sintrom is, how you should take it, its effects secondary and other precautions.


What is Sintrom

The Sintrom or also known as Acenocoumarol is a drug with anticoagulant properties strong> which aims to reduce the ability of our body to coagulate the blood and thus prevent clots from forming.

Those people who have heart failure , about all or, for those who have suffered from an embolism or who have high risk of thrombosis because they suffer from cardiac arrhythmias. Also the patients who have metallic prostheses in the heart. All of them can benefit from Sintrom properties in their proper dose.

What is Sintrom for?

The Sintrom, inhibits the formation of fibrin , a protein in charge with the platelets of the formation of clots. It is similar to other anticoagulants on the market.

There are countries in which Sintrom is not taken, but other anticoagulant drugs such as warfarin are chosen. Both options are valid and similar.

Be careful as Sintrom can interact with any other substance that produces anticoagulant effects . So if you take this medicine be very careful with food and the use of herbs, herbal teas and, of course, with other medications, because all this helps to alter blood flow.

The use of Sintrom , it can lead to a hemorrhage if the doses are out of control

How to take Sintrom

Ya We have said that it is essential that our doctor checks the blood values, we adjust the dose on each occasion and that we take care of what we take so that it does not interact with the medication. Well, there is also another data that you should take care of to the maximum and it is the time in which you are going to take your medication.You will have to take Sintrom every day at the set time .

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If the dose of Sintrom is very low , your blood will have a INR under , which is equivalent to a normal coagulation and, In this case, taking the medication will be for nothing because it will not achieve any effect. Otherwise, if you take a dose too high you will suffer bleeding because the blood will be too anticoagulated.

You have to go adjusting the dose to the millimeter, controlling the hours of the takings and the blood levels and making readjustments. The Sintrom is not taken daily like the rest of usual medications, but it will be the doctor who will decide the amount, as well as the days of the week in which you will have to take it.

As there are established days to take the Sintrom there will also be days set to undergo the medical check in which we will review our levels to decide whether to continue with the dose and the days or to change them.

Foods we take, food supplements, herbs, or infusions can influence our blood flow and the intake of Sintrom. The same goes for tobacco and alcohol. It is necessary to take the doctor a control of our meals, preparing a diet, or at least taking into account our problem at the time of preparing food. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol will also be helpful.

Sintrom Side Effects

Once we have explained what Sintrom is , how it acts, how you should take it and the importance of being very meticulous with this drug, we will explain in more detail the amount of side effects which can occur if Sintrom is taken.


The main and most common side effect of Sintrom is the appearance of hemorrhages . These hemorrhages or blood loss can be seen in the urine, nose or gums. Occasionally, feces may show blood . Check if your stools have a darker color than usual.

The consequences of taking Sintrom along with other medications can be very serious. Therefore, never do it, even if it is an aspirin or any other drug that you have taken throughout your life or that you think will not hurt you, because we have already explained to you that everything we drink and even our style of life influences blood flow .

Pregnant women should not take Sintrom or any other anticoagulant drug. If they do, they put your and your baby's health at risk.

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