What is blasto-stimulin? and what is it for?

One of the nightmares of human beings, especially women, is to have very pronounced or marked scars somewhere in our body. When we fall, cut or hurt immediately we want to apply some remedy in search of the relief of our pain, but also to help the healing of our wound . For this type of cases there is the blastoestimulin . In this article we will discover what it is and what it is for .

The blasto-stimulin is one of the first options for scars. This medicine with its different presentations helps to improve the different areas of the skin, accelerating the closure of wounds and the disappearance of scars or marks. The blasto-stimulin also generates the necessary antibodies so that the tissue around your wound does not suffer major damage or the wound gets worse.


What is the blasto-stimulin?

For the skin there are many medications that protect and help to take care of it but the blastoestimulina is one of the most used. With its Centella asiatica-based components, it quickly guarantees relief from recently affected areas or those already undergoing the healing process .

blasto-stimulin Its main element is Centella Asiatica , this plant has properties for ulcer treatment and even works on cellulite reduction . It is a very characteristic plant for its thin stems and long leaves. It has been used in the field of medicine for more than three thousand years for many types of diseases and ailments. Its effectiveness is written in history.

In blasto-stimulin, another important component is Neomycin , which helps as an effective antibiotic against infections that are generated in the skin. , which have been caused by the intervention of polluting organisms. Other advantages of this element are: its anti-inflammatory action and its effect against fungi .

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Also the blastoestimulina has different excipients such as diethylene glycol monostearate, the essence of lavender, also the corn oil and geranium oil and water; all well compacted to help get a more authentic treatment .

All these components are well distributed in the different doses of blasto-stimulin, all have their specific function and help > make your skin feel as fast as possible .

What is blasto-stimulin for?

Blasto-stimulin has three main functions to ensure improvement in case of any injury, scratch, burns or other accidents on your skin.

The first use of the blastoestimulin is for accelerate healing in problems such as some kind of wound, either mild or deeper; Ulcers that are on the external parts of the body, annoying sores, eschar, eczema and also applies to skin burns .Along with this effect is also that of antibiotic , this is extremely important especially in cases where the affected place is very exposed to bacteria that are in the environment.

How to apply blasto-stimulin?

blasto-stimulin can be applied in many ways as it comes in different types of presentations, you have to find the one that best suits the specific condition that you have .

Its main form of application is by means of ointment , it is the most common presentation and the most recommended for its easy handling. The blasto-stimulin in ointment is obtained under medical prescription and is placed at the site of the wound one to three times per day (the doctor will specifically determine this detail). The treatment with this tube of ointment, which comes in several sizes, will help you get better extremely quickly, since the cream creates a kind of protective layer whose purpose is your wellbeing during the healing process.


Another type of format is the one you find type ovule . This presentation of blasto-stimulin is especially prescribed for the treatment of vaginal infections , especially for conditions on the inner walls of the vagina. It is also usually prescribed in the case of diseases such as candidiasis or vaginitis . Its antibacterial properties help a quick relief and function as protector and regenerator of the affected areas , its application is done by introducing an ovule a day in the intimate area, and for a more powerful effect this treatment can be prolonged for about 5 days.

In case you look for a effect much faster than the previous ones, especially in cases surgical, the blasto-stimulin will be applied in powder . This method will be applied in case it is needed that the treated condition can be healed quickly, its use will be from one to three times per day, a time that will be previously determined by the specialist according to the seriousness of the problem, and always having cleaned the previously affected area.

For as much as a recommended and efficient medication blasto-stimulin should also be used with caution . One of them, the most important, is that it should only be applied under the supervision and consent of a doctor who specializes in skin problems . Equally its use will depend on the type of ailment treated, since for some specific cases it will not be recommended.

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Another factor to be taken into account is pregnancy , due to the fact that at present the types of effects that can occur specifically in this stage, so it should not be used in the case suspected of it. The blastoestimulina t ampoco will be used in the period of breastfeeding for the same reasons.

If due to the blasto-stimulin there are symptoms like some kind of disorder, especially in the area affected of the skin; problems that have to do with the circulatory or digestive system, vision difficulties or breathing disorders; its use will be interrupted and you will immediately have to consult with your family doctor.

Always remember that it is important that all medicines are used correctly, especially under the necessary medical supervision

strong> and for the specific cases that he believes necessary.