Watch out! Side effects of Magnesia Milk

Be careful! Side effects of Magnesia Milk . The consumption of Magnesia milk is becoming more common, a product used to combat constipation, cheap and very effective. But is its continued use good? or how can it affect us in health?

Watch out! Side effects of Magnesia Milk

Watch out! Side effects of Magnesia Milk

The real name of this formula is magnesium hydroxide or magnesia hydroxide, although popularly it has become famous under the name of Magnesia milk.

What is Magnesia milk?

This is a chemical formula: Mg (OH) 2

Your color white and be soluble in water , make this mixture receive the name of Magnesia milk . It can not be denied that its resemblance to animal milks is evident. But can we take the Magnesia milk as a normal milk? or has side effects.

Milk of magnesia is obtained by mixing magnesium hydroxide, calcium hypochlorite, chlorine and water.

Watch out! Side effects of Magnesia Milk

This cocktail that composes it has many properties that are very beneficial for the organism , as it can be for cosmetic and dermatological uses, being widely used for the treatment of infections such as acne.

Other medical uses for which hydroxide is prescribed magnesium is for treatment of constipation.

Sir James Murray popularized this drink when he used it to improve the health of the Marquis of Anglesey. In the year 1873, the first formula was patented but it was not until 1880 when Charles Henry Phillips , he patented the mixture with an 8% ratio under the name of milk of magnesia.

Watch out! Side effects of Magnesia Milk

This brew began to be marketed under the name of > Magnesia Phillips Milk and has been used for generations to treat constipation . Commercialized in pharmacies, both in pills and in its liquid format, it has been and is widely used as being over-the-counter and very cheap.

But the consumption of Magnesia milk should be limited, is not about milk as we are used to consume and therefore its consumption should be limited and always under medical knowledge.

Secondary effects due to excessive use

As we have said, the most common use of the milk of magnesia is to treat occasional episodes of constipation. Normally, side effects occur when misuse or overuse is used, not because of dietary reasons.

This is why the Institute of Medicine United States , has established levels above which consumption begins to be dangerous.But what happens when our magnesium levels are normal and we eat more:

  • Gastrointestinal effects
  • Cardiovascular effects
  • Additional symptoms such as muscle disorders
  • li>
  • Kidney damage

Gastrointestinal effects

Enter the first symptoms , gastrointestinal ailments are the first to be felt. As we have already said magnesium is used with laxative ends and therefore diarrhea will be the first symptom whenever we ingest more magnesium than we need.

Watch out! Side effects of Magnesia Milk

Other symptoms that may warn us are the stomach pains, desire to vomit and vomiting . Excess magnesium will also cause inappetence, that is, lack of appetite and therefore weight loss

Cardiovascular effects

Care, among side effects , excessive intake of milk of magnesia can affect and negatively affect Our cardiovascular system . It has been shown that ingestion can cause marked decreases in blood pressure, that is, it can cause hypotension.

Watch out! Side effects of Magnesia Milk

The bloodstream carries different salts and minerals, including magnesium, if we have taken more than we should, excess magnesium daily contribution can cause the blood to slow down, reducing the heart rate or causing arrhythmias . A very dangerous disease because it could even stop the heart.

Other additional symptoms

Whenever we talk about excessive intake of magnesium , we have to talk about intoxication. The excessive contribution of this mineral as we are seeing, can cause serious health problems. Among the added or additional symptoms , after an intoxication we can feel problems like:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Muscular weakness
  • Confusion
  • Lethargy
  • Sleep
  • In case of high toxicity:
    • Coma
    • Death

Kidney damage

As we are going to see, it is not only damage to the heart, muscles or stomach but can also cause severe kidney damage . All the magnesium that carries blood is eliminated from our body thanks, in part, to the kidneys.

Watch out! Side effects of Magnesia Milk

When there is a excess of magnesium in blood , the kidneys have to be stressed more than normal to be able to eliminate all this mineral, so much tension tends to injure them and damage them .