Varicose vein surgery: when to do it and alternatives

Varicose vein surgery: when to do it and alternatives

Varicose veins are a disease that usually affects the veins of the legs. These are produced by various factors, as a result the veins widen, dilate and become painful. Thus they cause problems in terms of blood circulation, which can be harmful to health.

People suffering from this disease tend to have heaviness in their legs, cramps, itching in the affected areas and may even experience strong pains.

Statistical data tell us that one in ten people have varicose veins, it is more frequent that these are women, usually due to the effect of pregnancy and hormones.

These are formed by a malfunction in the valves of the veins in the legs. These valves are responsible for helping the blood continue its way to the heart. When these work poorly, the blood stagnates in the veins, they widen and do not work properly.

For prevention it is advisable not to wear tight clothes, so as not to obstruct the syringing of the blood. It is not convenient that we are sitting for many hours with our legs crossed, as well as standing for a long time in the same position. Excessive heat in the legs is not good, we avoid hot and humid places, as well as exposing ourselves too much to the sun. We must also avoid a diet rich in fats, sweets and salt. Coffee, alcohol, etc ... we should also avoid it.

It is convenient to do outdoor sports, hiking, swimming and cycling. Walking on the beach without shoes is beneficial. A balanced diet is very important, low in calories and rich in fibers.

In case of having varicose veins, I recommend that you consult a doctor, do not let time pass because without treatment the condition may worsen.