Positive in leukocytes in the urine what does it mean?

When we talk about leukocytes in the urine , we mainly refer to those white blood cells that have the main function to defend our body . These blood cells are produced in the bone marrow and lymphatic tissue and are distributed throughout the body through the blood as part of what is known as the immune system.

Positive in leukocytes in the urine, what does it mean?

The leukocytes in the urine can have different meanings depending on the amount they are found. In most cases it is completely normal to meet them, but at other times it may be a alarm signal that is warning you that something is not very good in your body.

It should be noted that > the normal range per microliter of leukocyte blood varies between 4000 to 11000 white blood cells . You have to stay very attentive to these numbers because if there is an increase it means that the body is facing an infection and therefore you must take action immediately.

Leukocytes high in the urine: Cystitis

Cystitis is a very common infection that can be easily determined in an exam in the urine whose result reflects positive leukocyte . This can occur due to an invasion located in the urinary tract and is caused mainly by microorganisms.

You should be very careful if you frequently feel desire to urinate , accompanied by itching of the urethra during that time. Also if you notice any relevant change such as redness in the sexual organs or a cloudy color in the urine . All this is a sign that you are facing a problem and that is why you should look for your relevant exams to determine what is treated by the positive leukocytes.

Leukocytes high in the urine. Urethritis

It can be very easily confused with cystitis but it is not the same. Urethritis specifically refers to when there is a rise in leukocytes which is caused by inflammation of the urethra , which is the tube that transports precisely the urine to the outside of the body. Its main annoyance is the pain that can be felt when urinating and also when having sex together with the need to urinate more often than usual.

Leukocytes high in the urine: Vaginitis

Vaginitis is an inflammation that happens in the vaginal part and can be caused by many factors. The most frequent is the infection that occurs due to bacteria contaminating the body. It can also be caused by allergic reactions, trauma or hormonal problems.

Regardless of the case can be diagnosed through a urine test where high white blood cells strong>.It can be divided by category according to its severity or equally if it is acute or chronic. And a lot of attention must be paid and periodic check-ups must be done since in some cases it does not have any symptoms that determine its existence in the organism.

High leukocytes in the urine: Pyelonephritis

In the case of Pyelonephritis, a urinary tract infection is again mentioned, but this time more specifically in the upper zone . It can be divided according to its complication and is characterized mainly by pains at the level of the lumbar , high periods of fever and a repetitive sensation of chills. The high leukocytes in the urine may be the first sign of alarm that you are facing this condition, that is why you should take the corresponding forecasts since its aggravation can have terrible consequences.

Treatment of leukocytes in the urine

After we are informed the reason why we have a high urinary white blood cell count you should take precautions about. Our health should be a priority for us, that is why if we find this symptom we should immediately start a conversation with our trusted doctor, this in order to inform us about the most appropriate treatment for our condition.

Treatment leukocytes in urine: Medications

Medications may vary depending on the type of condition detected. The fundamental basis for the treatment of leukocytes in the urine are the antibiotics these will be selected according to the germs to be treated, the necessary qualities of the same, the form of administration and, in the case of some patients, its price. Among the most commonly used antibiotics are quinolas, aminoglycosides, Aminopenicillins , among many others.

Treatment of leukocytes in the urine: Hygiene

Regarding hygiene for the treatment of leukocytes in the urine there is nothing too specific. We recommend you mainly to try a frequent change of your underwear, if you are going through an infectious process, this is so that the necessary environments for the proliferation of bacteria are not created. Also at the time of having sexual relations you should be very cautious , perform them with a abundant lubrication and above all be aware when going from anal to vaginal relationships.

Treatment of leukocytes in the urine: Feeding

As for food the most important thing is hydration , for you must be subject to a regime of strict fluids that will help you purge the body of the invading bacteria. As for the food itself, eat plenty of citrus fruits , along with a nutritious diet, it will help your high leukocytes in the urine to decrease noticeably very effectively.

Control leukocyte levels in the urine

With good nutrition , proper hygiene and routine tests every Some time we can help control leukocyte levels in the urine easily.Symptoms, causes and treatment and beneficial Blueberries against urine infections