Oral or oral candidiasis: causes, symptoms and treatment

Oral candidiasis is a more common oral condition than we think. It is a fungus that lives naturally in our mouth and due to various reasons, it gets out of control infecting not only our mouth, but also part of our body. What is candidiasis, what causes it or what symptoms can we notice are some of the questions we are going to answer in this blog that we have entitled Oral or oral candidiasis: Causes, symptoms and treatment .

Oral or oral candidiasis: causes, symptoms and treatment

What is oral thrush or Oral

Oral Candidiasis also known as candidiasis, moniliasis and oidiomicosis, is an infection caused by the fungus candida infection . This fungus lives in our mouths naturally and in balance thanks to other types of organisms that also inhabit our mouth. When our immune system lowers its defenses , these organisms that keep the candida fungus at bay, stop being efficient and resistant. Without an efficient resistance, the fungus Candida begins to proliferate invading and damaging both language as whole mouth.

Oral or oral candidiasis: causes, symptoms and treatment

The fungus candida belongs to the type of yeast and is a fungus that lives in almost all parts of our body, including internal organs. They are really necessary fungi but always under control, since an excessive growth can cause infections.

Candida is the scientific name of a yeast. It is a fungus that lives almost everywhere, even inside your body. Usually, the immune system keeps the fungi under control. If you are sick or taking antibiotics, can multiply and cause an infection anywhere in the body in the mouth, sex organs, etc.

Symptoms of oral or oral candidiasis

The symptoms most characteristic of oral candidiasis are a kind of white plates with a soft texture that can appear both in the language and in any part of the mouth . If we remove these white plates, we find a reddened area and even bleeding due to injuries that causes this infection.

Oral or oral candidiasis: causes, symptoms and treatment

If the patient suffering from candidiasis has very low immunological levels, this fungus may spread throughout the body, reaching organs such as the esophagus or stomach . Giving place to another type of discomfort and symptomatology such as pain or discomfort when swallowing.

The diagnosis is simple, since the doctor will observe the plaques, clear proof of suffering an infection by the candida fungus. However, it may also be performed a scraping of the area or areas affected for subsequent analysis.

Causes of oral candidiasis or buccal

As we have already mentioned, this yeast is present in our organism being healthy, we can find candida yeasts in the skin.Among the various types, the most common is:

Types of oral or oral Candidiasis | Candidiasis Seumomembranous Aguada or Muguet

Oral or oral candidiasis: causes, symptoms and treatment

The Candidiasis Seusomembranosa Aguada or Muguet . It is a very typical infection in lactating babies, where white plates, similar to small drops, appear on the tongue or mouth. This form of Candidiasis usually appears especially on:

  • Tongue
  • Palate
  • Mucosa Yugal
  • Grooves
  • Tonsils

When the Muguet affects an adult , it is usually due to having, as we have repeated so many times, very low defenses. This problem often appears after receiving prolonged treatments with antibiotics, corticosteroids, immunosuppressants, etc.

Types of oral or oral Candidiasis | Candidiasis Acute Erythematosus

Oral or oral candidiasis: causes, symptoms and treatment

Another form or type of candidiasis is Candidiasis Acute erythematosus , this condition is also known as the Painful Antibiotic Tongue. It is a not very common infection and its symptoms begin with a depapilation, that is, the tongue becomes pale, smooth and shiny. In some cases, this infection can cause problems when swallowing food, that is, it can be accompanied by dysphagia.

Types of Oral or oral candidiasis | Candidiasis Chronic Erythematosis

In this form of candidiasis the main symptoms are the appearance of irritated areas on the inner sides of the mouth or oral mucosa. Other places where they can appear these rednesses are in the tongue or the palate. Discolored areas appear, with a more pinkish tone and lesions, such as cracks that can be very painful.

Types of oral or oral Candidiasis | Angular cheilitis

Oral or oral candidiasis: causes, symptoms and treatment

Surely at some point in your life it has happened to you, > very painful cracks in the corners of the lips. What the grandmothers called boceras, are really angular chelitis. This disease usually affects children or adults and rarely in young people. It usually does not present greater symptoms than cracking, causing pain, dryness and burning in the affected area.

Types of oral or oral Candidiasis | Subprosthetic stomatitis

This disease is usually associated with older people , usually related to dental prostheses , such as the use of Removable prostheses or misalignments, poor cleaning, etc. All these conditions make possible the proliferation of the candida fungus. If we look at the affected area, we will notice that the mucosa has a reddish color , in the form of sores or edema , causing stinging or burning sensation.

Treatment of oral or oral Candidiasis

Oral or oral candidiasis: causes, symptoms and treatment

As we have said the existence of these white plates so characteristic and that can be detached simply by scraping, gives us an indication that we are dealing with an injury caused by the fungus candida albicans .Its evolution once it is treated, it will be good but until the reason that has caused the expansion of this fungus is not found, it can not be said that the infection has been eradicated.

If it is a mild case of infection , such as cases of candidiasis due to the ingestion of antibiotics for a period of time prolonged, the best way to attack it is by drinking yoghurt . With yogurt our body will have a little easier to restore the balance of bacteria in the mouth.

In other cases, mouth rinses, syrups or antifungal pills or the already famous clotrimazole tablets , will get to attack the infection. Although in these cases, as in others, it is always recommended to consult with the specialist.

Symptoms of oral or oral Candidiasis | Image Gallery

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