Hysterectomy: what it is, causes, symptoms and operation

Stem cells

A team of researchers from Brazil has made news to the develop an analysis on the fallopian tubes and other human tissues that are usually discarded after a surgical operation. They say that these organic elements , could be a good source of stem cells .

According to the scientific team, the muscular ducts extracted during a > hysterectomy contain immature cells with the potential to become a variety of tissues, such as muscle and bone.

This achievement of science would allow the regenerative medicine treatments currently developed on the basis of research on stem cells , can continue its processes of advancement and development for diseases that are considered incurable to this day, such as arthritis , Alzheimer or the Parkinson .

Perhaps one of the main obstacles that current research has is the ethical concept that one has about the use of these cells b>, because they are found in the embryo. Its removal from the fallopian tubes would become a "ethically" cleaner process that allows scientists to create stem cell treatments .

The study has been published in the Journal of Translational Medicine (Journal of Translational Medicine).