Dogmatil - What it is, prospect, what it is for, side effects and contraindications

Medications are now part of our daily lives. There are those who need them to fight an illness and those who use them often for minor ailments but not for that little bit annoying, such as combating problems related to migraines, general aches and pains.

The Dogmatil is one of the most common and well-known drugs for patients suffering from depression with psychotic symptoms, and as such, it is a medicine that involves risks if proper care is not taken. If you've never heard of it, we'll tell you everything.

Dogmatil - What it is, prospect, what it is for, side effects and contraindications

What is the Dogmatil?

The Dogmatil is a medication that falls within the group of anti-psychotic drugs that are sometimes also called neuroleptics . The Dogmatil you will find in a format of 50 mg (milligrams) capsules and its use is indicated for adults in only the cases that will be evidenced in the next section.

Prospect del Dogmatil

Dogmatil composition 50 mg (milligrams) in capsules:

  • The active substance in this medicine is sulpiride . Each of the capsules of this medicine contains 50 mg (milligrams) of sulpiride
  • The remaining components of the medicine are: lactose monohydrate, methylcellulose, talcum, magnesium stearate
  • Hard capsules of gelatin contain a compound called titanium dioxide (E-171)

The most common presentation of the Dogmatil will find it as follows: white capsules placed in a cardboard box which contains a PVC/Alu blister-type case, with an amount of 30 capsules per case.

There are two other types of presentations apart from the classic presentation of the Dogmatil:

  • Dogmatil strong: 200 mg tablets. Each pack contains 36 tablets in platelets PVC/Alu blister
  • Dogmatil 50 mg (milligrams)/ml (milliliters) in solution solution for injection: in this type of packaging you will find 12 ampoules of 2 ml each. These are glass type 1 colorless

What is this medicine for?

The Dogmatil is a medication that seeks to control depressive attacks in adults but as an antidepressant is not a medicine that we should consume freely. It is important to have the approval of our doctor and take it exclusively when it is indicated. In addition, you will have to follow the indications of the prospect:

Firstly, we find that it is recommended to use it in case of a treatment of depressive disorders with psychotic symptoms in combination with antidepressants, when treatment with antidepressant medications alone has not been effective, and for the treatment of other severe forms of depression resistant to antidepressants.

Secondly, we have to, it is recommended to use it in the so-called " treatment of vertigo ", when the same conventional treatment has not taken effect.

And, thirdly, in acute and chronic psychoses, this medication can be used.

Side Effects of Dogmatil

Like all medications, the Dogmatil , is not saved from the famous "blacklist" "Of the adverse/secondary effects , is nothing to alarm Be sure, because, as you know, even the simplest medicine can have an adverse effect on our body.Or if you suffer or have had adrenal tumors.

If you suffer from heart problems or are predisposed to suffer from cerebrovascular disorders.

They should refrain from taking Dogmatil people who have Parkinson's or epilepsy.

If you are taking Levodopa you should not take this antipsychotic.

This medication has a series of indications that you should follow which are:

  • Keep it out of the reach and sight of children.
  • Do not use the product once you have exceeded the expiration date indicated, it corresponds to the last day of the month indicated.
  • There are no special conservation conditions.
  • Medicines should not be thrown in the trash or drains. The containers must be deposited in the SIGRE point of the pharmacy.

We hope that our guide about Dogmatil has been useful for you. Remember that it is a medicine that involves risks and that, in any case, you should consume it at your own free will, you always have to consult your doctor.

If you have any strange symptoms, consult your doctor as soon as possible, also do not mix drugs or interrupt the intake of Dogmatil without medical supervision.