Danger and consequences of excess fat

The love handles are something that worries us throughout the year, but if there is a time when it seems that we are most worried about it, it is when summer approaches. It is clear that if we eat more than we spend, we will gain weight, but how we fatten is what makes it turn from a simply aesthetic aspect to a serious health problem. Danger and consequences of excess fat was born with the idea of ​​publicizing the risks that can be run, what consequences or how we can avoid accumulating excess fat.

Consequences of Excess of Fat

It is a very problem frequent and as we have already mentioned, is the result of introducing more calories into our body than we use or spend. Calories are necessary because they are the energy that makes us move and that is absolutely necessary for our body.

Danger and consequences of excess fat

What happens when we eat more calories than we burn, because in a few words what will happen is that our body will keep them as a reserve, in case you need it. Of course, the next question is where the organism accumulates the excess calories, I think that we can answer that question, mainly in thighs, stomach, buttocks, etc.

The first accumulations are probably not noticed, but every time we eat we will continue introducing calories that will be added to the reserves until it begins to present itself as an aesthetic problem. If we are not aware of it and continue to introduce more calories than we spend our problem will go from aesthetic to dangerous for health.

Danger and consequences of excess fat

Now we know that it is dangerous to get to accumulate fat, which is what calories are transformed in order to be stored, now we will know to what extent it can be dangerous.

general rule or under normal conditions, the waist should be less than those of the chest. In case of measurement for women, it is recommended that the waist measure no more than 80 cm, while in men, should not exceed 90 cm. All these measures are relative since it will also be a data to take into account the structure of each individual or his complexion.

Cardiovascular Problems

One of the main causes of cardiovascular problems is fat, it is the main factor and direct cause of hypertension.

Danger and consequences of excess fat

The reason is that both the arteries and the veins become stiffer and the fat begins to adhere to the walls of these arteries and veins, causing the blood circulation to become thicker and so slow This problems will end up leading to a cardiovascular disease.

High cholesterol

As we all know there are two types of cholesterol the good or HDL and the bad one or LDL or bad cholesterol. The one that worries us is bad cholesterol since it is responsible for the accumulation of plaques that clog both veins and arteries.

Danger and consequences of excess fat

The accumulation of plaques makes them thicker each time until they completely block the arteries, thus preventing the passage of blood through the arteries.So it is important to control the tension from time to time, for that I recommend you look at this article where you can find the best tensiometers on the market.

Diabetes type 2


Diabetes can also become a consequence of excess fat, the reason is that because of these excess fats, the metabolism begins to slow down and with the synthesis of sugars and so both problems in the creation of insulin which is the substance responsible for regulating blood sugar levels.

Danger and consequences of excess fat

This type of diabetes is known as Type 2 Diabetes or Diabetes Mellitus, it is a type of diabetes that does not need insulin injection, if it should regulate blood sugar levels through medication. If not, the disorders that Diabetes can cause in the body can become very serious, especially in certain parts of the human body, the organs that can be most affected are the kidneys, eyes or peripheral nerves.


The formation of gout can be due to different factors, including the genetic factor that is given between 6 and 18 % of the cases. Perhaps the most common cause in the gout affections is overweight, since with an increase in weight, the risk of developing gout and hyperuricemia, or what is the same, increase in uric acid, increases in percentage.

Danger and consequences of excess fat

When we eat more calories than we need, we will also increase the production of uric acid, it is the waste of the metabolism of the purines in the body, responsible last of the gout disease caused by an enzymatic defect causing gout. Also eating foods such as dried peas, liver or anchovies can cause an increase in uric acid.

Sleep Apnea

With the excess weight or fat, it also increases the difficulty so that the respiratory system can perform its function correctly. This is because the accumulation of fat, as we have seen, can get to clog the coronary arteries and veins, if the blood is not able to oxygenate well the vital organs, there will be a stoppage.

Danger and consequences of excess fat

That is what happens when oxygen does not reach the lungs correctly, while we are sleeping, our respiratory system can stop, producing episodes of apnea, in which breathing can be stopped for several seconds, causing death.


The studies They reveal that between 2 and 3 times there are more cases of hypertension among obese people than among people of normal weight. As we increase our weight we are also increasing the figures of our blood pressure.

Danger and consequences of excess fat

In cases of hypertension due to obesity, this will be reduced as we lose weight, rising again if we recover it again. It is also an important factor where this fat is located.

If our fat is distributed through the buttocks, legs or hips, we will have less risk of hypertension than if the fat accumulates along the trunk. or abdomen.In many occasions it is not necessary to crush but to spend half an hour walking, climbing stairs or simply walking at a good pace will be enough.

Danger and consequences of excess fat

Normally the main cause of excess fat is unhealthy eating habits, so it is important to know what is the exact cause for fat accumulation.

Find the right moment to start your diet, you must find yourself determined and encouraged to put an end to that annoying fat that we have left, it also has no reason not to like it, just adjust the diet with substitute products that you like more.

Do not skip the diet, or bite between meals if your diet does not ask for it, strength of will is important in these cases. Do not skip meals either, think that the three meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner are obligatory and you should not skip.

The food will be chewed calmly and slowly, in this way we will feel the sensation of fullness before. When we have finished eating, no sitting at the table, nor that pleasure that is the nap, try to stay active after eating.

The hours of sleep are also important, try to sleep your 8 hours a day and that these are used to rest not only to sleep. Motivation is also important, set achievable goals and fight for them, this will motivate you.

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