Buscopan: what it is, what it is for and the side effects

Digestive disorders are as common as they are annoying. That is why it is common for us to look for remedies that relieve us every time they give us those painful and uncomfortable crises. Bad eating habits and stress are motivating more and more people to suffer problems in their digestive system and have to resort to the use of remedies to end their pain. The Buscopan is an abdominal antispasmodic and is one of the treatments most used to relieve these discomforts. Although it can be purchased without a prescription, Buscopan is a medicine and, as such, we must be careful with its use.

Next, we will explain in more detail what is Buscopan , what it is for and what are those side effects that can cause us to consume.


What is Buscopan

If you suffer or have suffered, or any of your relatives suffer from gastrointestinal problems , it is more than likely that you know this medicine. However, just as it happens with many other drugs that we consume daily and that are around our house, you may never have stopped to think about what exactly it consists of or, simply, you have not understood a word if you have tried to read the prospectus that brings its box. That's why today we are going to tell you all about Buscopan, so that its composition, its use and precautions when making them are more familiar to you.

We begin by saying that Buscopan is a derived from Belladonna . It is a semisynthetic alkaloid of this substance that integrates its active principle, composed of quaternary ammonium . Or what is the same, ammonium contains antimicrobial compounds. It acts by decreasing the secretions and contractions of the muscular fiber of the digestive system, thereby, eliminating the spasms that cause pain .


La Buscapina can be taken by adults and children over 6 years of age. They are sold in the pharmacy, without a prescription and in the form of coated tablets which are usually taken between 3 and 5 times a day depending on the particular case of each patient. Although the medical prescription is not necessary, it is always important to go to the doctor and that it is he who reviews us and decides what treatment to follow to correct our problems, as well as the most appropriate doses. If you are dealing with a child, the importance of having your health and the use of drugs controlled by a doctor is even greater.

What is Buscopan for?

Buscopan Antispasmodic action is taken to calm the spasms suffered in the gastrointestinal tract , the dyskinesias and those motility disorders , of the bile ducts and the genitourinary tract that cause so much pain. A peculiarity of the Buscopan is that it acts directly on the digestive tract, relieving pain directly and quickly , so that calm comes almost immediately thanks to butilescopolamine brakes those muscle spasms.

Unlike a common analgesic, Buscopan does not mask pain, but slows down the cause that causes it, that is, the muscular contractions of the digestive system. For this reason, taking Buscopan is a good resource when we suffer from those terrible and usual belly pains.

Side Effects of Buscopan

We have seen Fast and efficient, which is the Buscopan when it comes to relieving abdominal pain . Now, not everything is rosy because it never is when it comes to a medication.But if these discomforts persist over time or are repeated, any discomfort that is frequent or even if not, may indicate that something is failing in our health and the use of drugs is not the solution but rather it can be dangerous because we will not be attending to the problem.

Among the most common side effects in the use of Buscopan, we can mention the following:

  • Reactions on the skin, such as hives, itching, skin rash or rash, redness or erythema, excessive sweating, hypersensitivity.
  • Tachycardia.
  • Dryness in the mouth.
  • Retention of urination or difficulty urinating.
  • Anaphylactic reactions including risk of shock.
    Dyspnea or shortness of breath.

Buscopan consumption may also cause constipation and visual disturbances. Both disorders will be transient. The risks increase with a higher dose of medication, so taking care of the quantities is essential for a good use of the drug. In no case should you take more than 10 tablets a day.

In principle, it has not been shown that there are risks in the use of this medicine in people with kidney or liver problems, however, always you have to consult your doctor if you have any disease or, if you suspect it.


Although there is no limit to the time limit for the use of Buscopan and, in principle, it can be taken for a long time, but if you suffer from frequent gastrointestinal disorders , go to the doctor to to discover what is due. If the one who complains of pain is a child then do not resort to giving them drugs without the doctor saying.

Some diabetic patients should also be careful in the consumption because the > Buscopan contains sucrose . As pregnant women, who should avoid the use of drugs of any kind if it is not under strict surveillance of your doctor.

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