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Michelle B.

I visited a family member at this facility who was there for rehabilitation.  She was excited about the rehab facility and the workers.  I was able to observe the rehab process with my family member as well as others in the rehab room.  Clearly, if the patient wants to do the work, they will do it repeatedly and consistently even when the worker is not looking.  There were many who chose not to do much when no one was looking.  However, the workers kept checking on their patients and encouraging them to keep going with the assigned exercises.  I heard the workers explaining in detail why the exercises were necessary.  That said, other workers were helpful when we lost our way.  I grew up in the neighborhood and am familiar with the facility.  The nursing home was always there but the rehab facility was new to me.  The rooms were neat and clean with the beds made.  My family member said the food was delicious which is always a good thing.


Wanda M.

Caring Hearts over medicated my husband with chemical restraints drugs like attavans 3 times a day & lexapro.The front lobby was clean & modern but the actual floors wherethe patients were kept were dirty and smelled like urine with peeling paint and broken doors.Some of the employees were cordial and efficient but others were aloof and preoccupied with themselves. My husband went into this nursing home expecting his legs to be rehabilitated however from what I observed over allhe was too drugged up for rehabilitation. When I complained to the nursing home that they did not check with me (his wife) before adminstering these dangerous drugs they said the state approved o these drugs even for dementia patients like he was.Since I complained the facility asked me to remove him. He suffered from Alzheimer's after he was discharged & was like a Zombie. He never recovered from the drugs. He passed away 4/16/19. Einstein Hospital & Killing Hearts Rehab are responsible.

About Caring Heart Rehab & Nurse Center and reviewsAbout Caring Heart Rehab & Nurse Center and reviewsAbout Caring Heart Rehab & Nurse Center and reviewsAbout Caring Heart Rehab & Nurse Center and reviewsAbout Caring Heart Rehab & Nurse Center and reviews